Hope Doesn’t Go on Furlough: #ChefsForFeds

bread food sandwich wood
Photo by Steyn Viljoen on Pexels.com


The government shutdown has caused so many issues (here is a running list of some of the real-world consequences), that discouragement is natural. For the remainder of the shutdown we will be sharing the ways people are stepping up to help each other, proving that humans can show empathy and not behave like ninnies. Feel free to share any that you see on our Facebook page, and please join in to help when you can.

Today’s hope comes from #ChefsForFeds Café in DC, feeding furloughed federal employees. While putting food in the belly is certainly a priority, efforts to reach out go beyond hunger, as Department of Interior employee Anita Gonzales-Evans notes:

“Today’s the first day for me to pull out my federal ID. And today is my first day to put makeup on. And today is my first day to just feel like a damn person again. I had to get out of my house. My house is clean. There’s nothing left to clean.”

Read more about #ChefsForFeds, World Central Kitchen, and the meal effort here.

Thank you to our friend Jennifer Reek for sharing this sign of hope with us!

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