The Fourth Sunday of Advent: Stepping Out of the Shadows

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I have had a VERY long drive for Thinking All The Thoughts. Among the things I’ve been musing on is the New Testament reading for this Sunday—Hebrews 10.

The unnamed author of Hebrews (I like to agree with those who have suggested that it was penned by Paul’s companion Priscilla) begins the chapter by noting that all scripture is merely a shadow of the good things to come. She admonishes us for sticking with scripture and ritual sacrifice when the coming of Christ IS the good thing the scripture foretells. Christ, not the rituals, brings forgiveness and redemption.

She’s calling us out for CHOOSING TO STAY IN THE DARK when the Light of the World is here.

Well, dang. That sheds a whole different sort of light on things. (See what I just did there?)

I am certain that some of my struggles are real battles with darkness. They are. Still, there is something for me to poke at here.

Where in my life am I clinging to promises that have already been fulfilled? Are my rituals ineffectual? Worse, are they an affront to the Creator? Am I stubbornly refusing to step into the light? Preferring instead to stick to the dark places I have come to know?

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