Happy Christmas!


Photo by Kristen Allen


My middle son called us this morning to wish his parents, baby brother, and grandparents a Merry Christmas. “There’s ice on the deck and frost on the ground. It’s 34 degrees and the dogs are grumpy about it.”   We were sitting poolside, drinking our first coffee of the morning at my parents’ new house while he was describing the scene back home.

It’s noon on Christmas. My mother has decorated THOROOUGHLY.  (This is a woman who understands the power of a good theme.) My brother should be here any minute. My daughter’s flight comes in tonight. I am looking forward to the week altogether.

It doesn’t look anything like any of the Christmases I’ve celebrated before, though. And that is unexpectedly more challenging for me than I expected it to be. It’s not bad, though. Just different.

What hasn’t changed is our love for one another, a good meal, and laughter. We have all of that in abundance here. And that is a beautiful thing.

However you are taking in this day, be blessed. Good will to all!




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