Today’s Sign of Hope: Solstice

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Welcome to Kristenmas! Krirsten’s birthday was December 17. When her youngest was in his early years of school and had just learned about Hanukkah, he declared the 8 days between her birthday and Christmas to be Kristenmas. (She claims his goal was to get his own holiday with fried foods and presents.) In honor of Kristenmas we’re going to post a sign of hope every day, because–well, because we need it.

There is something moving about events that are bigger than a single culture, religion, or epoch. As we look for light in the darkest days of the year, we can relate to every human who has ever felt light and dark in their bones, and we can join them–by yelling at the dark to wake up the sun, by roasting meat over a bonfire, by constructing beautiful buildings that allow that first glimmer of new light to illuminate our cold, dark hearts.

Happy Solstice.




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