Signs of Hope: The Convivium Conference

Kristen and Mary


We’re sorry we’ve been a bit absent lately! Read on to discover why…

Kristen and I had the joy of presenting at the Convivium conference: Terra Incognita last weekend in Pittsburgh. We pushed down our nerves, faced our fears, and spoke publicly on what it is to read and write (and be dragons) as crones.

While I was happy-dancing over the chance to see Kristen again and to finally meet a number of our writer friends in person, I was not expecting the overwhelming light, love, and hope that the entire weekend offered. We heard poetry, and listened to some of our favorite authors speak. We indulged in long, slow conversations about art, music, and literature. We forged new connections, met new colleagues, and made new friends while taking a deep breath of air outside of our usual whirlwind lives.

Then we returned to the real world. But we returned changed, ready to create and spread beauty in the face of hatred and nihilism. We cannot say thank you often or loudly enough to Convivium. If you have the chance, check out their literary journal, classes, and conferences.

The gorgeous Cathedral of Learning at University of Pittsburgh. Photo credit: Joanna Penn Cooper

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