Today’s Sign of Hope: Kids Who Aim High

While you are reading this, a dear friend, that I first made at summer camp eleventy-million years ago, is hugging her son for the first time in months. Today, he graduates from basic training in the US Air Force.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been following social media posts from half a dozen mothers in my life who have entrusted their children to the US Armed Forces in these uncertain times.

I am no war hawk. I hate that we still have a need for armed forces, but I am in awe of the bravery, strength, and dedication of the young people who commit to serving their country this way. I am completely undone by the joy of my mama friends when they share news of letters and video chats from their soldiers-in-training.

If these kids that I watched grow up (some more closely than others, admittedly) are any indication, our military is strong, smart, and compassionate. If these mama friends of mine are any indication (brilliant, beautiful souls, every one of them), the homefront is well taken care of.

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