Sign of Hope for Today

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Mary and I are both knackered by current events in the church and our nation, and we know we aren’t alone. A few days ago, I started looking for a sign—any sign—of hope in my fellow humans. You know, one tends to find what one is looking for, eh? It felt good to recognize a small demonstration of kindness here, a step in a positive direction there. We thought we would continue seeking signs for a while. We welcome you to share your signs of hope with us, too, in the comments. We are all in this life business together, after all.

Today’s sign: I chapereoned a parade today. As we arrived at the marshalling area, I was struck by the sheer number of people assembled. This is a big 10 division parade. In the one parking lot we were in, there were easily 10 high school marching bands, not to mention representatives from dozens of community groups (Scouts, dance schools, sports teams, local service clubs…), fire engines, classic cars, some stilt walkers, a pair of gorgeous older ladies in a fiery red sports car representing the local Red Hat Society, and even a t-rex.   It was a visible sampling of good stuff going on all over my community.

Then we started marching.  There were thousands of people along the route. All ages, all races, all socio-economic backgrounds. All of my neighbors were all out with their families enjoying the parade. Dozens of times my fellow chaperones responded to praise for our student musicians. Not to mention the people who knew me from my work in the community who called me out by name, and reached out for a hug or wave (and one unexpected demand for a selfie!).


Photo by Kristen Allen

2 Replies to “Sign of Hope for Today”

  1. Sign of hope and inspiration- when a whole bunch of ladies in different sizes, shapes, colors, ages and with different temperments and beliefs can put aside all the hurt, pain and dumbness of this world and come together in pretty red dresses and celebrate each others uniqueness. And then do it again and again over the years in different ways and settings, with not always the same names and faces- yup- that is hope in its loveliest form.


    1. You are so dear. I will keep on hosting my annual theme parties around Valentine’s Day for women, because I love parties, and I love you all. It blesses me so that this brings you hope.


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